Vanmar was founded in 1992. in february 1995, after obtaining an entry in the register of business entities, the company began operations in the area of ​​furniture production. in the course of several years of activity vanmar gained a lot of experience, providing its customers with innovative products of very high quality. with each subsequent year, the plant introduced the production of new models of furniture, specializing in particular in the production of tv tables, desks, chests of drawers, cabinets, benches and racks. systematically extends the reach of the market (from a regional to national export markets). all products of the company have certificates of resistance and stability and safe structure solutions - standard: bs en 1727: 2001. consistently and consciously vanmar strengthens its market position by introducing new product designs. in order to improve the undertaking it acquires innovative machinery and equipment. only in the last five years the company has bought a lot of modern machinery and equipment and hired new employees, which led to sales growth. over many years of business activity vanmar has gained a very good reputation and improved its image among consumers, which it systematically uses by expanding its interests in domestic and foreign markets.

Individual offer

To meet our customers’ needs we make custom-made furnishings, provide professional consulting, measurement, design, installation. for individual orders we make kitchen furniture, bedroom, office, retail, hotels and b & bs equipment, cabinets, building, sliding door systems.

We also offer free-standing kitchen appliances and cabinets of renowned domestic and foreign companies. With many years of experience, we strive to meet the expectations of our customers.

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